GeneRally 1.05

Top-down mini car racing for 6 people!


  • Excellent gameplay
  • Tons of tracks
  • Varied vehicles


  • No network multiplayer

Very good

GeneRally is an old school top-down racing game that features basic retro graphics but great competitive gameplay.

The interface is a bit clunky, but works well enough. You can choose from lots of tracks, and a range of different vehicles that all handle differently. Control is configurable to whatever keys you want to use, and is perfectly simple.

The thing that sets GeneRally apart is that it supports 6 players on the same computer - if you can all squeeze around the keyboard! For simple and fast competitive games, it's excellent. Obviously today we don't need to squeeze around one computer very often, and most people would probably prefer some network multiplayer instead. On balance, online play would really improve GeneRally, as one computer multiplayer is a bit limiting.

Despite the quirky multiplayer, the huge range of tracks and vehicles, plus the nicely balanced game physics make GeneRally a good deal. It's even free! For creative types, there's also a track editor, so you can create your own Laguna Seca.

Old school retro gameplay, with fun, simple graphics - gather some friends around your keyboard and get playing!



GeneRally 1.05

User reviews about GeneRally

  • by Anonymous

    This game rules!!.
    I've been playing racing games my whole life..this is the funnest racing game ever..and an Aw...   More